Long before modern science, the phases of the moon informed farmers when to plant, prune and harvest. Our winemakers honor lunar harvest tradition, noting the moon’s phases over the vines to produce quality grapes that are picked at the peak of ripeness and handcrafted into premium wine for the ultimate enjoyment.



Washington State is the nation's second-largest producer of premium wine and is ranked among the world's top wine regions. Lunar Harvest wines are produced with grapes from this state's premier growing region, Columbia Valley.

Highlights of the Columbia Valley AVA:

  • This AVA covers almost 11 million acres and represents a third of Washington State's land mass; the vast size of the area allows for a number of meso and micro climates
  • Low rainfall and free-draining soils enable vineyard managers to control vine vigor in order to promote flavor development
  • Warm daytime temperatures ripen fruit to perfection, while cool autumn nights protect the grapes' natural acidity.